Third Semester Takeaways

  • Drafting means printing out a story, marking it up and rewriting it. The ‘artistic’ process takes root in the reinscription.
  • The above makes writing seem even more excruciating a process.
  • Publishing fiction seems as daunting and frustrating an obstacle as certain other adolescent yes/no binaries were in high school. No doubt in retrospect the angst surrounding it will seem just as wasteful and silly.
  • Solutions to any prose problem can be found in other texts.
  • Reading is as much a process and a ‘search’ as writing is. Output can only be as good as input.
  • One may ignore the mandates of others within ones text, including the MSWord grammar check.
  • James Wood is probably right about free-indirect.
  • Critiquing work properly involves re-re-reading and marking up (i.e. similar to the drafting process).
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    Columbia University School of the Arts, New York, NY
    MFA, Writing, Fiction, Oct. 2011.
    Thesis: Fly the Black Flag of Himself.

    Columbia University School of General Studies, New York, NY
    BA, Cum Laude, May 2007.
    Major: Literature/Writing
    Thesis: Indian Made Foreign Liquor


    2018 Guest Lecturer, University of California Santa Cruz
    Lectured on journalism for a Kresge Core Class.

    2017-2018 Public Fellow, Oklahoma Center for the Humanities
    Homelands Seminar.

    Instructor in English, Northeastern State University
    Fall 2015-2017 (as instructor)
    Fall 2014-Spring 2015 (as adjunct)
    Courses include: Teaching Travel and Adventure Writing (ENG3013) – an upper-division writing class focused on nonfiction; Intro to Creative Writing (ENG3043); Composition II (ENG 1213) and Composition I (ENG1113).

    Workshop Instructor, Oklahoma City University
    January 2015
    Taught a one-day graduate workshop called “On knowing when to steal and make things up.”

    Adjunct Professor, University of Tulsa
    Fall 2014
    Taught two sections of ENG1033, Exposition and Argumentation. 

    Adjunct Professor, Bacone College
    Spring 2014
    Teaching two courses of English 1113, Composition I.
    One section of SPCH1713 Speech and Critical Thinking.

    Teaching Assistant, Columbia University
    Fall 2010
    Worked with Prof. Heidi Julavits to develop curriculum for Fiction: A Primer, the introductory graduate survey course for Columbia’s graduate fiction students. 

    Fiction Editor, Columbia University
    Fall 2009—May 2011
    Edited the fiction pages of Columbia University’s premiere literary journal, Columbia Journal of Art and Literature. Solicited authors and edited manuscripts. Four direct reports.


    Contemporary fiction
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    Fine Art / Contemporary Art History


    Novel/Book-length CNF

    A Grand Theory of Everything, Amazon Publishing, Sept. 2015.
    American Outlaws, Amazon Publishing, Oct. 2014.
    The New Flesh in progress.
    Indian Made Foreign Liquor. (2013) Sold to Chiasmus Media.


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    “The Op in the Expanded Field” &Now Vol 3: Innovative Fiction Awards. Lake Forest College, NC: &Now Books, April 2015. Anthology.
    Various pubs. A Voice Was Sounding 3 & 4. Tulsa, OK: This Land Press, November 2014. Anthology
    “Claire Accelerates.” Todos Somos Migrantes. Eds. John Washington and Daniela Ugaz. Mexico City: Sur +, forthcoming 2013. Anthology.
    “Dominion.” Thesis Anthology. New York City: Columbia School of the Arts/Writing, 2011. Anthology.

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    Art 365 Artist Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition 2016-2017
    “Faculty Show” 2014, photography display at Bacone College in Fall 2014.
    Photo Essay,, July 2014.
    “Untitled (Over the Void)” 2012, video stills from a 6 min 35 second video. James McGirk and Jaret Vadera.

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