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From the Futures

From the Futures RETURNS Saturday, August 29th at 2:30pm with a special ART event!

10 artists 10 immersive experiences
Space is limited so make sure to RSVP. See link below. 

In a time of dramatic change, our lives and relationships are suddenly disrupted. Online spaces are expanding beyond recognition and video conference platforms grow at the heart of our social lives.

Art From The Futures is a virtual event dedicated to the exploration of this new medium. For this first edition, the From the Futures team will invite 10 international artists to engage the audience with intimate and participatory experiences using video conference platforms.

Join us on Saturday August 29th at 2.30pm ET for an action packed event with 10 immersive artist.

UCSC Engineers Under Quarantine

I’ve been documenting the engineers’ coronavirus experiences for UC Santa Cruz –


The Perfect Swing

Nick Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers) reads my latest work, a nonfiction meditation/sleep story about perfecting the perfect baseball swing. Let me know what you think!




Good Engineering

I’ve been writing a series of articles for UC Santa Cruz’s Baskin School of Engineering. Have a look


Adjunct Simulator

I created a short, text-based non-fiction computer game for a Parametric Press. Click here to play.



The Gelatinous Death of the Jet Age (Return with the Elixir)

You’ve reached the portfolio belonging to James Brandon McGirk. This visit may be recorded and its analytics used as fodder for anxiety and speculation. What would you like to do today?

Read his writing.

See his images.

Explore his interactive games.


Interactive Serious Games

Saffron (a serious spice).


PlaytheNewsGame, Winner of a James Knight Foundation Best News Game)


All that remains is this news story.


Most of the older blue bordered reports have substantial contributions from yours truly.

Parametric Press

This college used to be one of the best in the country. Fifty years later the campus is destitute, they can’t pay professors, and it’s filled with dusty, decaying art.


Read his writing…


There’s a lot of it. You’re welcome to dive into the pile. But the damn thing is riddled with bit-rot and paywalls. So let me offer suggestions and an occasional link to a Google doc or Web Archive.

Care for some awful situationist poetry? (Why We Trash Hotel Rooms). This one is better: (Armour Brand Thyroid Bottle). This one was given the Gordon Lish treatment by a teenage editor but was better for it: (The Op in the Expanded Field) and reprinted by Wake Forest Press in a handsome volume.

Before I forget: here’s a combination of personal memoir with archival images I found from grandfather’s exploration of the Amazon: My Grandfather’s Imposter.

Here’s a link to my Amazon page: (James McGirk) There you’ll find my Kindle Singles. Here’s a piece I did for The Paris Review. (Satan Comes to Oklahoma City: Facing Fears in the Sooner State).

If you read my personal statement you’ve already read the first place winner of the 2016 Oklahoma Society for Professional Journalists Best Writing Award. This one, published in the much-missed THIS LAND PRESS, is typical of what I enjoy writing the most: (The Horror of the Ouachita Mountains). Here’s one about Vaporwave: (The New Flesh PDF, page 95). I gave a condensed version of it as a speech at the Oklahoma Innovation Institute’s annual conference — which was a massive thing sponsored by Texas Instruments and I was sandwiched between three pipeline corrosion experts and my slide show of “sexual golf” was deemed quite peculiar.

Let me close with a link to my last Bitcoin story, it’s interactive, I wrote a deconstructed history of Bitcoin for 21Cryptos Magazine (A Deconstructed History of Bitcoin’s Last Decade). 1F24KqhGNCnEVvAPcq2Z41BkrAb8PRq91h

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Exchanges in the Crosshairs
Check out my latest article in 21Cryptos describing the SEC’s crackdown on the crypto.