Rejection Statistics

I found this list (written by a Christine Harrell on a content farm):

-Cream City receives 300/month, accepts only 6 for each issue.
-Florida Review: 200/month, accepts 4-6 for each issue.
-Gettysburg Review: 350/month, accepts 4-6 for each issue.
-Georgia Review: 300/month, accepts 3-4 for each issue.|
-Hayden’s Ferry Review: 250/month, accepts 5 for each issue.
-Indiana Review: 5,000/year, accepts 50 for each issue.
-Iowa Review: 600/month, accepts 4-6 for each issue.
-Midwest Quarterly: 350/month, accepts 5 for each issue.
-Missouri Review: 400/month, accepts 5-6 for each issue.
-North Dakota: 120/month, accepts 4 for each issue.
-Paris Review: 1,000/month, accepts 5 for each issue.
-Prairie Schooner: 500/month, accepts 4-5 for each issue.

I have a feeling those numbers are high, at Columbia we have about 500 or so submissions for 5 slots, but fill most of those slots with solicited stories. So Paris Review receives 12,000 submissions a year for three issues (I think it’s three), but likely only takes one or two stories a year from the slush pile.

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