Novel Draft Done, Attempting Ground-up Re-Write

Gear Pile (from Make Magazine)
Finally finished FERAL CITY – THE OCCIDENTAL/IST/ISM – A CLOUD ACROSS THE FACE OF THE SUN novel I was working on, but I have decided to rip the thing apart and rebuild it.


  1. D. A. Hosek says:

    I’ve often found it profitable to completely retype a manuscript, especially in early stages of rewriting. I’m weighing whether when I make the move from Draft 7 to Draft 8 of my novel whether I should do another retype job. After all, it’s only 86K words.

  2. James (not signed in) says:

    Thanks for the advice – that’s pretty much what I had in mind. Am thinking a lot about form and content lately and wondering how to get the two to match…

  3. Worth noting: This post refers to an earlier project called INDIAN MADE FOREIGN LIQUOR

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