The first block of five images experiment with the fictive potential of photography. “The Gelatinous Death of the Jet Age” was a series of twelve images named after stages in an adaptation of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, “the writer’s journey,” implying narrative by placing images in an archetypal story structure. The black image of my ex-wife Amy comes from a study for a project imagining my great- grandfather Rufus Keeler’s life and painful death working for Malibu Pottery, creating chroma-saturated glazes made from exotic, deadly chemicals in the 1930s.

Here are some recent images. Most are attempts to incorporate narrative into a single frame (although I consider the last two a diptych).

You might also be interested in some work that combines memoir and archival images. Here are some based on my grandfather’s exploration of the Amazon: My Grandfather’s Imposter (son-in-law of the great-grandfather mentioned above).

I’ll close with some images from COGNITIVE ARTIFACTS (including a few from the archive that they were taken from – Tahlequah flaneur series). This was a year-long project funded by the NEA-funded Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. Exhibit won 2017 “Art of the Year” from The Oklahoman.

End with a bang!

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