Bedbug hell

From Gothamist. When we had an infestation of “the brown bug,” a neighbor told me to take the 7 train to Jackson Heights, get out and go to a Chinese deli where there is an old woman who, for a few $20 bills, will let you take a few scoops of bright yellow powder that “will kill them.”


  1. hahahaha says:

    Will/would – you stupid fuck!

  2. Ed Darrell says:

    I’m not sure why you assume the yellow powder is DDT – heck, for all we know, it might be yellow cake (the stuff that we get from refining uranium!).

    Generally, DDT stopped working against bed bugs in the 1950s. Research shows bedbugs among the more vigorously-immune-to-DDT creatures on earth.

    Plus, DDT kills the predators of bed bugs. Not a good idea to use DDT.

    • Jamie says:

      Indeed! It could have been anything – pure permethrin, VX gas precursors plundered from Fort Dix… and who’s to say it would have worked!

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