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This Month’s Issue of Art Focus

Q&A with Troy Jackson

Wired Magazine – Datastream

Small piece in this month’s issue of Wired (the ‘Data Stream’)

Confidence in Culture

New work in the March 15, 2014 issue of This Land

The State that Oil Built

Cover of Dec. 1, 2013 THIS LAND

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Manhattan and the Mephistophelean Mind

I learned about the MONIAC in my high school marco-economics class: a.k.a. the Financephalograph or the Philips Hydraulic Computer, MONIAC was a massive machine, the size of two grandfather clocks bolted together, only instead of gears there was colored fluid inside, sluicing through tubes, pushing valves open and filling cisterns. Here, fluid was a metaphor for money, and by manipulating how much trickled through the system (pour in investments, drain out expenditures…) MONIAC could model Great Britain’s fiscal policy.

When the Rodeo Clowns Came

I live surrounded by retirees in rural Oklahoma. They are spry. They own arsenals of gardening equipment: lawnmower-tractor hybrids that grind through the fibrous local flora with cruel efficiency; they wield wicked contraptions, whirling motorized blades that allow withered men to sculpt hedges into forms of sublime and delectable complexity.

Three Buboes

To hurtle through space we had to live on asteroids; to live on asteroids, flesh and bone were rasped from our bodies. Glass blowers found three cavities in the porous galactic stone and blew bubbles to contain us. Topped us off with nutritious fluids, and pushed us out—






  • Editorial consultation for forthcoming Science Fiction Movie


  • Art Focus Oklahoma
  • Roads and Kingdoms

Kindle Singles

  • American Outlaws AMAZON
  • Modest McGirk’s Grand Theory of Everything AMAZON (forthcoming)




  • Ironclad Closet Long Island City Magazine
  • The Madness of the Upperclass THE L MAGAZINE 
  • Presidential Elections IMPACTGAMES
  • Battleground States
  • Acorn and the FBI
  • Oil Balancing Act
  • Car Giants Mega Merger
  • Livini’s Coalition
  • Sanctuary for Deserters
  • Dying of the Light
  • Madonna Divorce Rumors
  • Angels and Monsters
  • Nobel prize in Literature
  • Middle aged Nukes
  • Russia Recognizes Independence
  • O.J. Simpson on trial again
  • North Korean succession
  • U.S. Financial Crisis
  • Vice Presidential Debates
  • IOC Age Investigation
  • Too Maverick for the Mavs? (etc)


  • Cyberpunk Not Dead The L Magazine
  • Homeland
  • Sour Grapes, Grad School, and Granta
  • Off-campus Housing Court
  • Love hurts, squashes roaches
  • From the Department of Rhetoric
  • Soft focus


  • Prestige: the answer to our woes
  • On ceasing to self-infantilize
  • On protestors and other bloodsuckers
  • Who, who, who will feed the owls?
  • Coming in from the cold

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Destination Oklahoma: Route 66

What you really need to live here is a truck. Maybe not in the cities, but out here, in the foothills of the Ozarks, where the roads flood when the creek overflows its banks, and even traversing a parking lot means tumbling into tooth shattering ruts and axle scraping bumps: you do.

The Cheat Code to Life

(My stories are Reddit Pizza scamming, and apocalypse cheats)