Through A Printer Darkly

3D Printer Error, Credit: FailThing

A short story based on a collaborative project I participated in, looking at three-dimensional printing in the near future. The gimmick is a travel itinerary.

Fear not…

Fear not... I am with you.

Grainy Film Effect Photos on

Amy in a shower cap

Images from Yeti Holidays Trip

Road, terraced farms seen from helicopter during ride from Lukhka Airport to Kathmandu

The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America

Picture from the Antiquarium (originally a plate from Audubon’s The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America), mine is a computer print of the original not (probably from WalMart which licensed the image)

Art Focus Oklahoma

This Month’s Issue of Art Focus

Q&A with Troy Jackson

Confidence in Culture

American Indian Cultural Center and Museum

Museums are sprouting up all over Indian Country… but what does it mean?

Amy’s Studio (Detail)

Painting in progress...

Ghost Spotted in Tahlequah

The V

Wired Magazine – Datastream

Small piece in this month’s issue of Wired (the ‘Data Stream’)