“The New Flesh” essay in Angel City Review

PDF link to the magazine.

Amy McGirk featured on 108Contemporary

An interview with my wife, Amy McGirk on 108Contemporary’s website

Beauty, Purpose, and Preservation

Contemporary art can be strange and frightening for the uninitiated…

Satan Comes to Oklahoma City

My ailing wife, Amy, had demanded that I take her to a Black Mass, a well-publicized one that would have meant aligning myself with Satan on local television. These people aren’t really Satanists, Amy explained. They’re blue-collar subculture types who’ve grown up and know their rights and want to thumb their noses at the judgy creeps who persecuted them growing up. Amy, who had seen more than her fair share of those creeps in her own youth, wanted to lend her support.

Dallas Contemporary

Amy McGirk’s work featured on Dallas Contemporary’s tumblr.

Images from Yeti Holidays Trip

Road, terraced farms seen from helicopter during ride from Lukhka Airport to Kathmandu

The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America

Picture from the Antiquarium (originally a plate from Audubon’s The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America), mine is a computer print of the original not (probably from WalMart which licensed the image)

Art Focus Oklahoma

This Month’s Issue of Art Focus

Q&A with Troy Jackson

Amy’s Studio (Detail)

Painting in progress...

Ghost Spotted in Tahlequah

The V